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Who we are

We expect you can learn all the responses to your car issues.

Do not hesitate to dip into the topics to study the essential car info like rare fitment information, sizing info, outlines, DIY tips, shopping guides, and even functional directions.

Our website is substantially massive as well as assorted to suit all kinds of powerful knowledge.

We do all this labor of rounding up along with adjusting automobile facts with a single thing in our hearts.

Which is creating a rather powerful means that care for auto gearheads around the planet and offers compelling data whenever they need it.

What we stand for

Our task is to master an online project that deals with all the integral hints a would enthusiast might develop connected to this narrow category. We wish to end up being an internet supporter you would most likely contact for a piece of guidance regarding dealing with mechanical problems, changing out tools, and even estimating an upgrade.

There is still a long way to go but every day leads us nearer to attaining that intent.

We constantly work for amplifying and even honing our car data source by putting in more useful highlights, checking information and facts on auto models and also trim levels, as well as forming distinct filters.

For now, you can obtain many practical references on our web page:

  • automotive measurements by make, model, and even year,
  • down-to-earth methods and methods you can make use of,
  • pointers relevant for certain models and trims,
  • do-it-yourself, renovation, settling on, substitute, and troubleshooting overviews.
As much as we would certainly want that to happen, our web project can not make you the genuine grease monkey.

After all, it will easily spare you a lot of stress on online research and let you stay clear of certain painful jolts.

Predominantly those hitches stem from improper sizing or incompatibility, and that is exactly why we filled our guidelines with orderly graphs filled with measurements for each engine, year, along with trim.

There is seldom anything like a one-fits-all model amongst vehicle elements as well as extras.

If you are uncertain regarding an upgrade that piqued your interest don't delay to go to our website to confirm if that part fits your vehicle.

Our online resource was created exclusively for educational purposes.

We aim to make expertise no problem to fish out as well as easy to use.

We do not sell products or solutions, this is not our aim.

All we do is provide superior quality hints on the products that may potentially be helpful to our visitors.

Can you believe us?

We have already been bewitched with the niche for many years while being employed in the automotive market.

And in the course of that time, we amassed vital background and proficiency.

In addition, we do not anticipate finishing.

And so, our groundwork, as well as scrutiny in no way, ceases.

Our crucial providers of data are all authoritative companies, designers, as well as technicians.

Though that does not indicate that we take all the details for granted.

With an avalanche of facts and techniques emerging from all sides, we have thought of our exceptional fact-checking process to verify every minor point diligently.

Sources of information

To achieve our assurances, we strictly mention sites and guides generated by good authorities including

  • authoritative automobile companies' websites or blogs.
  • accredited auto and transport establishments run by the federal government
  • datasheets as well as facts by producers.
A portion of our important information is produced by the visitors who opted to bestow their wisdom.

It is generally titled a "user-generated idea."

We incredibly acknowledge your ability to talk about your experience along with guidelines with the general public.

Our Philosophy

We adhere to our "set of rules" that governs precisely how we manage the task and also communications:

  • Site visitor experience precedes.
  • Proper numbers are the main ingredient of our job.
  • No spam. Appreciate our users and also their time.
  • Reliableness is fundamental to high quality.
  • " Viewers first" is the suggestion of every page.
  • Not harm.

The Founder

This website progresses with the help of our excellent crew led by Steve Diaz, the owner.

He commenced this web project as a way to share his lifelong fascination for motor vehicles with the entire world.

As a vehicle gearhead and a mechanic lover, he has been messing with cars since he was 22 when he got his initial automobile - an old Ford Mustang.

He is a skilled auto technician.

He knows his way around the garage. His comprehensive expertise and years of performance in the field allow him to deliver information that is both authentic and also comprehensible.

Revenue Streams

Because we are not selling items or support services, our project generates income from media ads as well as tips.

We can obtain a tiny percentage if people want to acquire a certain product after clicking a partner link. No additional charges are applied.

For all that, we do not market those referrals and do not take fees from shops to recommend their products on our website.

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Our policy is to offer transparency along with bilateral consideration.

Please feel free to speak with us by the feedback form for requests.

You can as well share your observation and recommendations.

We do our finest to respond soon to every person.